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Update your Browser

Get Safe Online recommends that for optimum safety and security when using the internet, you always run the latest version of your chosen browser that your operating system will support. You should also always download and install the latest updates to the browser you have loaded.

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Webmail, such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or Gmail – or that supplied by some internet service providers – makes it easy to email using different computers, smartphones and tablets. However, there are risks associated with using internet-based email, some of which are shared with other systems (see Spam & Scam email).

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Ransom ware

Ransom ware is a form of malware that gives criminals the ability to lock a computer from a remote location – then displays a pop-up window informing the owner that it will not be unlocked until a sum of money is paid. In some cases, the only usable part of the computer is the number keypad to enter a PIN to enable payment to the criminals. Continue reading

Business Consultancy

Creating your own business from the ground up can be very rewarding, but having been through the process ourselves we know it can also be a very lonely and difficult road, especially if you have been used, to being able to use other people as ‘sounding boards’. You find yourself on a day-to-day basis having to master areas of operation of which you may have no previous experience. Continue reading

Fund Raising

A few years ago we donated a few used PC’s for use in
schools in Africa we would now like to raise some funds to send to help
charities buy new equipment. If you would like to help please use the secure PayPal
donation button below and donate whatever you can.



12 Years

We are very happy to announce 12 Years of Business, it’s not
easy staying in business these days but we have managed it and now plan to
expand into other areas one being Business Consultancy.